Cream Crewel Fabric

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Cream Crewel Fabric

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A traditional wool embroidered fabric for curtains, large blinds and cushions.
Width 137cm
Composition Cotton backcloth, wool embroidery.
Vertical Repeat 55cm
Fabric Use

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Crewel Fabrics


Crewel Fabrics

Crewel Work manufacture is a handicraft industry based in Kashmir, it is produced using age old techniques that are indigenous to that region only. Each piece is manufactured has been embroidered over many weeks by one group of workers; this means that one piece is unique to the next. Whilst every care is take to maintain a constant yarn colour and embroidery pattern, it is very difficult to maintain matches between pieces - this applies even within the same piece. Crewel work does not, and can never, offer the same guarantees of consistency as modern machine-woven or printed fabrics.

Widths will vary from 132cm - 137cm from piece to piece. There may also be missing yarns and slight variation in the colour of the backcloth from time to time - this is deemed normal.

We recommend that if you have concerns regarding the above statement, you contact us for a width and pattern repeat check before making your order. If you are trying to match any element of the embroidery colour to paints or wallpaper we suggest that you ask for a cutting from our current stock; we can then proceed from this to supply fabric from the same stock.


General Information on Fabric and Fabric Care

Tinsmiths General Fabric Information

Tinsmiths’ Natural Fabrics are predominantly made from natural fibres with no added resins or chemical treatments. These fabrics can shrink when washed and can be sensitive to changes in humidity, with a typical shrinkage of 3-5% on first wash. Dry cleaning can also cause shrinkage so allow extra material to take this into account.

Colour Variation

Colour variations are unavoidable between production batches. We cannot guarantee that current production will match previous orders or original samples. Where colour match is critical, please request a batch cutting.


Details of fabric width & pattern repeat may vary from batch to batch. If a particular measurement is critical, where an allowance is tight please do check this measurement with current stock.

Sun Fading

We recommend always lining curtains to protect the face fabric from fading. Where sunlight is particularly strong, a blackout curtain lining should be considered to protect upholstery from the effects of the sunlight.

100% Linen

Natural Linen can have occasional ‘slubs’ in the weave which are not faults but characteristic of the fibre.

Upholstery Fabric

The fabrics which are suitable for upholstery use can be found in the Upholstery Fabric category on the Tinsmiths website. Refer to the fabric description for the ‘rub test’ or upholstery grade of each fabric.

We can provide both domestic and commercial FR (flame retardant) treatments for upholstery fabric. This service usually takes 2 weeks and costs £6.75/m with a minimum quantity of 4 running metres ie. a single piece of 4m or more.


Refer to the particular fabric for care instructions, not all our fabrics are washable. In general, furnishing fabrics are not suited to regular washing and cleaning which can diminish both the handle and finish of the cloth.

If you are making loose covers or unlined curtains which you intend to wash and from a washable fabric, we advise you to pre-wash the fabric. When washing Tinsmiths’ fabrics, use a powder/liquid that has no bleach or optical whiteners, wash at 30°c and do not tumble dry.

Loose Covers

Use a cool wash (30 Max) on a short cycle, finishing with a short spin. Do not tumble dry but shake out thoroughly and dry as flat as possible. Ease the covers back onto the furniture when still slightly damp as this will allow them to stretch back into the correct shape.

Unlined Curtains

Unlined curtains can be washed (follow the instructions for Loose Covers), pre-washing before making up will reduce shrinkage.

Lined, Interlined and Blackout Lined Curtains

DO NOT WASH. Hand-made interlined curtains can only be dry cleaned by a curtain specialist. Dry cleaning can also cause shrinkage