Squared Fish Dish DFF by Doug Fitch

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Squared Fish Dish DFF by Doug Fitch

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A hand-thrown earthenware Fish dish with decorative boss by Doug Fitch
Length 21cm
width 19cm
height 5.5cm
Material Earthenware
Doug Fitch Potter

Doug Fitch - Slipware Potter

Doug Fitch in his Pottery


Best known for his earthenware, slip-decorated jugs, Doug throws and fires from his pottery in Dumfries and Galloway. Doug shares his studio and life with fellow potter and wife, Hannah McAndrew and their young family. Both of these makers are deeply immersed in the traditions of English Country Pottery in a style found across the country from Medieval times until the late 19th century.

Briefly, the thrown pot is decorated using coloured liquid clays (slips) - these can coat the form overall or be applied discreetly to areas using brush, or a slip-trailing application when more graphic elements are intended. Taking away areas of slips with combs or scrapping tools is another option to give contrasting areas of colour and detail. Doug frequently adds bosses and ribbons of clay to the surface of the pot too - he calls this applique. Again, this is a traditional method of decoration. The decorated pot is fired in a kiln in its dry but unglazed state. A second firing is made after the glaze has been applied - for slipware, this is commonly a transparent glaze with some colour - often honey-coloured glazes are used - this allows the slip-decoration to show through.

Doug has occassional exhibitions in the UK, US and Japan, and his work is stocked by a small number of specialist shops in the UK.